Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lake Sonoma

California listen up-we are no longer in a drought. Recently we checked out Lake Sonoma on the Yorty Creek end of the lake by Cloverdale. The lake was brimming right up to the grassy area covering most of the sandy beach! We are forecast to get even more rain this coming weekend which for me just means, more beautiful water in my favorite lake in Sonoma county. As I walked down the pathway to the beach I passed a fisherman who held up two lovely fish on his string. One, a sunfish big and juicy, the other a trout! This time of year if you are lucky you'll catch a trout because the water is colder in the lake. Usually it is considered a warm water lake given our mild climate and the warm springs that feed the lake so trout are found closer to the dam on the other side of the lake and swim deep. A couple of kayakers were paddling along the shoreline and a fly fisherman was practicing his cast on the lakes edge. This summer the beach will be packed with sunbathers and the lake full of happy kids swimming. Camping and boating on the lake will be fabulous as well. So yes,Cloverdale is a cool town having been recently named one of the 21 Coolest Small Towns in America and the lake is full!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sonoma County Winter in Wineland

Here we are in the middle of winter in wine land yet signs of spring are popping up all around. The wild mustard plants are getting ready for their starring spring debut. The grape vines are still in their dormancy period but storing up nutrients for a a great display of grapes and leaves and good wine sure to come later!I took a walk with my dog Goldie down this picturesque country lane and here are some of the shots I took. Enjoy!~