Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas City by the Bay

At long last I made a small trip to my hometown San Francisco for Christmas. I live really close to the city-just across the Golden Gate bridge, a hop, skip and a jump away, but like most Northern Bay Area Californians I am just plain lazy and don't bother to leave my little, warm nest and venture on over, or maybe everyone is broke like me! Anyway, we all hopped in the suburban, my husband and I, kids in tow, and set off for our journey across the bridge. The plan was first to meet my brother and his son at fencing practice in South San Francisco, drop his son off and head off to downtown SF Union Square and then proceed to act like tourists visiting the city for the first time. I of course would bring my iPhone and huge digital camera with me- okay, now I look like a tourist. If you are from here it is uncool to bring your camera... Anyway, it turned out that we actually met on the bridge under the first span heading out of Marin as they were only a few cars ahead of us which we discovered as we were busily texting each other-mind you neither one of us was the driver! Long story short, fencing was canceled and we, eight people total, played tourist in the city which was so amazingly beautiful. Palm trees wrapped in golden, glowing Christmas lights, very Cali style. There was a huge lit Christmas tree in the center of the square next to an ice skating rink chock-full full of ice skaters. Kittens were just waiting to be adopted (by me) in the store front windows of Macy's. Building windows were adorned with beautiful sparkling wreaths row by row. The city was magical, glittering for Christmas, and the crowds were joyously celebrating. We had fun, I took lots of pictures and especially loved the Beatles billboard on top of one of the buildings above the Square- a nod and a throwback to my 60's days in SF. We barely spent any money except for gasoline, parking and huge soft pretzels from a vendor. We had a great day in the city and on the way back home stopped at the Golden Gate Viewpoint to take in the beautiful evening city lights. What a perfect little trip!

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