Cal Gal Travels- Moblog

My mobile blog on the go. Posting lots of photos while I'm traveling, hiking or on a daily walk. I'm inspired often by nature's beauty and want to share my views with you.

 Grape Harvest

My first, favorite street I ever lived on...Guess where?!

God Bless America

Daisy Bug

A walk in Austria?-Sonoma County

My Other Home

The Hills are Alive

The House That Built Me..

A Gorgeous Day in California

This Old House

Indigo sky

Winter Berries

My Pig
Oh, How I love thee pig! I love weathervanes and happened upon this sweet pig the other day in my old neighborhood while walking.

Here is a picture I took in late fall. I love autumn's bright orange ornaments from the Hachiya persimmon tree. This picture was doctored up with my new Instagram app. (Too much fun!)
Sent from my iPhone

A Monet in the Making
Looking out my kitchen window daydreaming I saw this...

For Amber Waves of Grapes...

Street Beat
Walking the street beat, gutters never looked so beautiful!

A walk in the vineyard

Walnut Grove
Here is the walnut tree grove where those sneaky turkeys hang out.

Turkey Shoot
A shot I took on a walk the other day...and not with a gun. Thinking, "Thanksgiving?" Maybe next time!

Say Hello To My Little Friend...
Good Morning


  1. Your new picture of the mustard fields with the mayacamas in the background looks just exactly like it wants to be a puzzle.

  2. Ha, ha, that's funny and I think it would make a great 1000 piece puzzle! ;)

  3. I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Love your blog.